We are nutrition educators.

We also LOVE ❤️ life and share our adventures, extending a mindful and unique way of going about our lives….We all do things differently!

You will find our blog: “interesting🤓” if you seek Nutrition Education, “thoughtful🙏🏻” if you Give Back to your community, “funny🤪” if you enjoy laughing, and “thought provoking🤔” if you want to change the way you look at life.

Our team here at MOXiLIFE are adventurers; ALL in very different ways….Ironman Triathletes, Registered Dietitiens, Moms, Mom and Dads to fur babies🐶, Hawaii 🌺liveaboards (live on a boat), travelers, adrenaline seekers, RV nomads….

We hope you enjoy a colorful read.

Team MOXi