Why is Magnesium so Important? What are the benefits of magnesium for an athlete?

We have been studying Magnesium for years now and it appears, so have a multitude of other researchers.

The latest meta data shows approximately 70+% of society is deficient in this mineral and the correlation to the increase in Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes is astonishing.

Magnesium is a mineral which researchers are finding critically deficient in our bodies due to a few reasons:

  • Plants and natural sources of Magnesium have 30% less minerals and vitamins, than compared to 40 years ago.
  • Stress requires more magnesium for the body to function and draws on magnesium stored in your skeletal system and muscles.
  • Fortified foods use the least expensive magnesium which is poorly absorbed.
  • The level of absorption is approximately 4% with the commodity version [ Magnesium Oxide] used in 90% supplements.
  • Compliance with Magnesium Oxide and other inorganic forms is low because of the adverse gastrointestinal reactions.


  1. The body CAN synthesize vitamins however it CANNOT make minerals. Minerals need to be consumed from external sources; meats, plants and vegetables.
  2. Magnesium needs to available at ‘significant’ levels for the ATP energy cycle to work at elevated levels. Magnesium = Energy
  3. It is involved in over 300+ enzymatic process. [Digestive to Proteolytic]
  4. Is 1 of 3 first lines of defense when a heart attack patient is administered into an ER.

Knowing the above Mg information; which skims the surface, MOXiLIFE developed HydraMag® as a drink to be enjoyed by everyone that is Magnesium deficient. HydraMag® uses a patented form of magnesium, called a ‘Chelated’ magnesium.

To simplify the term Chelate means, the mineral is attached to amino acids helping  the body absorb it faster, and at higher levels and with reduced stomach irritations.

In triathlete terms: The amino acids; when attached to the mineral, are like a ‘wetsuit’ for minerals. Much like a triathlon aerodynamic bike vs. a Huffy. The amino acids when attached to the mineral as a coordinate covalent bond, help increase the speed of absorption.

The below Vitro test results show the comparison between the commonly used MgOxide; MgCitrate  and with a few of the Albion® Chelate and complexed minerals.


Magnesium InVitro comparisons

The best absorbed magnesium forms start with:

  1. Magnesium amino acid chelate: Mg BisGlycinate(or Mg Lysinate Glycinate Chelate)
  2. Magnesium amino acid chelate with MgO
  3. Dimagnesium malate


The structure or form of the MgBisglycinate Chelate and HydraMag®( Mg Lysinate Glycinate Chelate )are almost identical, the only variation is the amino acid lysine. We choose MgLG because of the additional immune benefits of Lysine. This amino acid doesn’t aid nor hinder the ability to absorb, it realistically adds another immune boosting benefit to the body.

The Dimagneisum malate used in our test is a complex form of Magnesium; which as the chart has shown, is less absorbed hence less bioavailable. It also  does have a higher propensity to cause GI issues.

Magnesium will help your athletic performance and overall health via natural biophysical reactions:

  • Increases ATP(energy) function
  • Increased Nitric Oxide
  • Counter acts the Calcium in muscles allowing them to relax: reduces cramping.
  • Reduces inflammation


As a triathlete myself, runner for many years, NCAA All American runner, completed 6 IM distance races, I’ve had a torn ACL, torn meniscus, torn L4L5 disc, Plantar Fascia, 50% tear in my hamstring tendon, had a few bad cycling crashes, 3 concussions, raced 3 IM’s in one year, Finished in top 10 AG every race, except for the 1stIM.

I would say I’ve played hard.

Please review how I have benefited  from taking Magnesium Lysinate Glycinate Chelate personally as an athlete.

I have been a runner for over 41years, am a veteran triathletes of over 35 years; I have been habitually taking over the counter anti-inflammatory meds for the past 15 years.

Advil was the “Go too”; so much that I called it “Vitamin A”. It did nothing for my eyes, however it allowed me to get up and hobble around in the morning to get out the door for my workouts.

After 2 years of consistently drinking HydraMag®, it dawned on me 3 weeks before an70.3 race that I was no longer taking Advil on a daily basis.  I can get out of bed without a Frankenstein walk, am less sore and recover quicker.

I have not changed anything else in my diet except for taking HydraMag consistently for 2 years.

man holding calf

Additionally, I suffered from severe muscle cramping. Rock Calves. Debilitating to tears.

I supplemented my diet with Mg Lysinate Glycinate up too 1000mg daily and this eliminated all cramping symptoms almost immediately. I even took this form of Magnesium DURING my IM race with no cramps and or GI distress.

It gets better!

The best part of the increased Magnesium levels was that my post massage was amazing! I’ve had the same massage therapist for years and she was quite miffed. My muscles were not nearly as sore, she was able to massage deeper, and I unfortunately was on the course longer than anticipated and yet my muscles were not as sore.

We are now exploring the relationship of Magnesium and the fascia tissue(now known as the biggest organ in the body). More to come on that!


Enjoy every step, it’s a beautiful journey.

Please feel to reach out to ask us questions.




MOXiLIFE Science Advisor

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