Ingredient Selection in Supplement Manufacturing

What the heck goes into making a supplement?


TIME RESEARCHING……… and did we mention more time.

Bringing  a processed food or a supplement product to market, involves many moving parts and hours of due diligence to create the concept, select the raw materials, taste testing, finding the ‘right’ contract manucturer, find packaging, develope graphics (labels merchandising informaiton) and validating the efficacy (Beta Testing) via volunteers willing to subject themselves to testing.

The evolution of a new product from concept to shelf is very labor and time intensive, if done correctly.

We took 4 months to get the flavor profile perfected for the Pomegranate flavor,  since we were vetting various suppliers and working with only those that have specific MOXiLIFE requirements. Another 3 months investigating Contract manufacuters and packaging, another 4 weeks to wait for the ‘made to order’ plant based ingredients to be delivered….Our Ingredient standards include:

  • Non Chinese is our first ‘go to’ however as a secondary ingredient source we somethimes are limited to only China since they capture a large % of raw materials.boy with glassesWe can’t say that ALL the Chinese Ingredients are ‘suspect’ to faulty manufacturing practices; however the more we know the system, we lean towards ‘caution’ when it comes to consumable ingredients.
  • Organic Certified-when possible
  • NON GMO-when possible
  • patented and clinically verified-ALWAYS


What does this mean for you, our customer of MOXiLIFE products?

We want you to know that we manufacture our products to be consumed by our families and friends to make a healthy difference in our lives. This means knowing who, what, where, how and when the supplier makes the ingredient we use, and the manufacturing facility of which the product gets blended together and packaged.

Believe it or not, the above events makes a ‘world’ of difference when it comes to the finished product and the efficacy behind the formulation.

How are most Nutrition products made?

Let’s walk you through a scenario:

A product concept is structured by Company X. They are making a Bone formula made from Calcium, Magnesium and Vit D.

A simple % of each nutrient based on the RDI values is selected, i.e. (calcium 200mg, magnesium200mg ,Vitamin D 30% RDI)

A few round table discussions with strategic marketability, delivery method(capsule, tablet, drink, bar, gel) is selected.

A contract manufacture is targeted and price quote requested. What happens at this point of discussion is the most critical juncture in the process.

At this point, the product concept developer has given the contract manufacture the ‘go ahead’ to put any raw material in the product. The contract manufacture at this stage of the game wants to increase the profit margins and uses the least expensive raw materials to meet the doseing levels to increase profitability, and provide a competative quote.

The clinical viability or absorbabilty of the raw materials does not come into play; and probably will not, since Company X did not ask for specific[vetted] ingredients to be used.

This plays out time and time again in the supplement industry and what you end up with is the cheapest ingredients in a packaged product. Having been in the ingredient industry for over 20 years, it is commonplace to see this occur. Knowing this is how the ‘average’ nutrition company conceptualizes and formulates, the fact that MOXiLife allows only specific and vetted ingredients makes the critical difference in what you can expect from MOXiLife products.

We want whats best for our families, and you our community.

Michelle Bacarella head shotOur formulator Michelle Bacarella, is a Mom and wife who has been formulating ‘clean’ and clinically validated products for years. She has been referred to as ‘brilliant’ and one of the best formulators and flavor profilers in the supplement industry. She holds the Chief Scientific Officer  position at a neighboring supplement manufacutrer, and is a Registered Dietitian. She formulates to perfection, allways focusing in on what ‘clinical’ problem is being addressed and solved.

She has successfully pioneered health protocols for diabetics and malnurished individuals (obese to anorexic), attends frequent dietitian conferences and reviews clinical studies daily while working in her home lab….inbetween mixing, consulting and developing.

We would love your feedback on the above.

Team MOXi


Theresa Seaquist

Scientific Advisor and Endurance Liaison



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